You've recognised the situation isn't as you'd hope, but you're not sure what the next steps are to rectify it.

    I may be able to help if some of these sound familiar :

    1. Your testing organisation is not providing the value you hoped for / expected in either an Agile or Waterfall development approach
    2. Your organisation has made the decision to transition to an Agile development approach but you are unsure where testing fits in the iterative delivery cycles.
    3. Your organisation has recently transitioned to Agile development but the iterative process is being blocked when it comes to testing - there just isn't time to fit all the testing into that 2 week sprint!
    4. Your development pipeline is being impacted by 3rd party suppliers
    5. Synchronising the integration testing effort across multiple Scrum teams is overly complex (i.e. within SAFe)


    I'll come on site to discuss your problem or opportunity and advise on what your next steps should be. As part of a consultancy engagement I will :

    • Review current processes to establish the value stream
    • Help you understand why you are facing the challenges in the process
    • Identify challenges you may have not yet noticed
    • Provide a report of my findings & suggestions for overcoming those challenges


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