Testagility Supports STEM Learning

Testagility Supports STEM Learning

At Testagility, we appreciate the importance of our next generation being adept in the world of software development and we want to play our part in helping children leave education with the skills necessary to thrive in the world that awaits them.

Duncs is our STEM Ambassador & always looking for opportunities to help our education system by providing IT related training to students, from primary schools through to Univerities.

How can he help you?

Proud sponsors of NWEWT!

Testagility's reason for being & passion is to help people test better & have fun whilst doing it. We provide several means of making this happen, one of which is co-sponsoring the North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing (NWEWT)  


NWEWT is a weekend-long peer conference of 15 - 20 attendees which enables facilitated deep discussions on software testing related topics. 

This year the topic was "innovation in testing".

As well as some fantastic insights from the speakers & discussions themselves, there were also some great points around the conference format & attendees which were uncovered in the retro at the end of the weekend.

You can read the write up on the Association for Software Testing website who are the other sponsor for the event.