It's all about questions & answers


Shorten the time between them

Testing is questioning a product. A product can be questioned at any stage in its development: a built solution, the requirements, the design & even the idea in the stakeholders head!

Striving to shorten the time between asking the question & getting a response will have tremendous benefits on your development pipeline.

Think of driving a car on a motorway - when answering the question "Am I in a lane?" there are several means that we get the answer; the white lines for immediate feedback, the rumble strips to snap us out of our distraction or finally the crash barrier is the final answer...

Examples of shortening feedback loops in testing include:

  • Question the requirements to drive out mistakes & ambiguities before code is written
  • Test the built solution on a local machine / dev environment before taking the time to promote it to a test environment
  • Automated test suites ask many questions about the known expectations & provide the answers very quickly

Outside of testing, you can use this idea to help optimise flow in your development process