To busy to improve? Send them to night school

Getting the balance between chopping down trees & sharpening your axe is tricky.

Testagility now offers 3 hour (1/2 day) evening sessions so that you can have the best of both worlds - meet your project deadlines AND train your team!

Duncs has been experimenting with running evening sessions, outside of working hours, to help team members develop their skills even though their project deadlines don’t permit them the time.

Why small chunks of work?

There’s some logic behind breaking down training sessions into smaller chunks

  • Take advantage of the Spacing Effect - where learning is more effective when spread out over time

  • Rapid Return on Investment - skills & ideas learned in the training are applied immediately after the training

  • Convenience - sometimes finding more than day off a project is too difficult

  • Product development benefits from small batch sizes, why shouldn’t training?

Experiential sessions

All my workshops have large elements of hands-on interactive sessions & very little reliance on slides.

This really helps keep the energy levels in the room high & attendees engaged in the content.

Lessons Learned

After running this experiment several teams, we do have some lessons learned.

Tired attendees!

Expecting your team to work all day & then attending training is a big ask.

Ideas to mitigate this challenge include:

  • Allow them to work a shorter day, either the day of the training or the day after

  • Feed the attendees so they don’t need to worry about food

  • Tea & coffee is a given

  • A limited selection of alcohol, or provide a restaurant meal after the session

Start time!

Projects have their stressful times & sometimes people will find it to get away on time.

Ideas to mitigate this challenge include:

  • Have the calendar start time 30 minutes before the actual start time

  • Speak to the project leads, inform them of the training & the benefits to the project so they want the team member to attend.

  • Set the start time at a time which is convenient for the project (e.g. 16:30)


People will have to travel to attend the training. This in itself will take time.

Ideas to mitigate this challenge include:

  • Consider grouping your attendees by their location so that you can book a venue near to all attendees (this obviously depends on the type of training).

  • Book a room in the organisation where the attendees are working.

  • Book an exciting venue which offers an interesting space to work in.

Does the opportunity for your team to learn in the evening sound like something you’d be interested in? Why not get in touch!

This service is currently limited to training workshops based in the North West UK.


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