Typical Engagements - Training - 5 Days of Workshops in a Global Enterprise

In this series of posts, we outline what a typical engagement looks like for each of our services.

This post shows an example 5 days engagement utilising the Training service.

This engagement was part of a test management as a service role. Duncs was responsible for liaising with customers, understanding their testing need & then providing staff to fulfil that need.

Part of the role was building the capability of the testers so that they could provide more value for the customers.

The majority of this capability building / training was done remotely as the testers were based in India & Mexico.

However it was evident that face-to-face training was required & so Duncs flew to India to meet the team & provide some training.

The training was agreed & scheduled in plenty of time before the week he was out in India. This meant that meeting rooms could be booked & the testers could give advanced notice to their projects that they will be attending training during that week.

We opted for 3 hour sessions to be run in the morning from 09:00 IST. This meant that the training was boxed off before the UK came online, so the testers could still attend the daily meetings.

It also meant that the testers could try out the ideas that they learned in the workshops in the projects that afternoon - the projects saw immediate value from the training.

The afternoons were primarily focused on project work, both for Duncs & the testers. As Duncs was onsite, he was able to answer questions & support the testers as they applied their new skills in their projects.

As well as striving to limit the time off project for the testers, this chunking of work was an experiment to test the spacing effect - learning is more effective if spread out over time as opposed to a single session.

Duncs has continued this experiment on the spacing effect - more on that to come…

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