We need Testers but we can't justify them

Maybe your company is just starting out & you haven't got capacity or funding for someone to fulfill the role of a Tester.

Or maybe you are the company, a one man band fulfilling all roles.

Either way, you've recognised the need for deep testing of your product but you don't know how to achieve it on the limited funding & resources available to you.

Well, guess what. It is possible for people who do not consider themselves as "Testers" to poke & probe the software in order to discover & gather information about the software to help you make those key decisions about your product.

Testing is moving away from the sole responsibility of those with a title of Tester towards the whole team carrying out testing activities.

Yes, Testers are fantastic at coordinating & enabling others to do the testing, but until you have them you'll need to manage without.

I can help you & your company discover how your product may behave in the hands of your customers so that you can make the necessary changes in order to delight them or bring in those sought after new customers!