Testagility is me, Duncan Nisbet.

The name Testagility is a cunning mash up of "testability" & "agility" - Two of the values I hold in high regard & that I believe underpin great testing


When developing software, we need to consider how easy it will be to test that software. This involves being able to control the software to put it into different states & then being able to observe the behaviour of the software to see if it meets the desires of the stakeholders.


Its important to keep the overheads of testing lightweight so that we can respond to change as & when it is required. We need to create the artefacts that support our testing story


There are several principles which underpin my beliefs & approach to testing. 

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Duncan Nisbet is a software developer passionate about testing & improving the people & processes that perform testing activities.

He has helped deliver working software across multiple domains including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Financial
  • Ecommerce 
  • IPTV & digital TV
  • Online betting

He has worked with small startups without testing capabilities through to global Enterprise organisations - whatever you're situation, Duncan is likely to have lived & breathed something similar. 

His ideas & knowledge come from being in the trenches, embedded with the teams who are trying to overcome the challenges that face them.

His experience is raw but true.

You can find out more about Duncs on his personal website


N.B. This site is continually being improved as I grow, develop & receive feedback.